Numerous apps

Numerous is an iPhone application that do one thing, display numbers. The idea is to present numbers in our life, not just what’s kept in our phone but dynamically updated numbers.

Unfortunately there’s still some small things that could have been improved in my opinion.

  • The blog need an RSS feed.
  • Button to delete a tile is too small to hit. A bigger button would have been nice.
  • A button to set the date/time data to “Now” will help with manually updating data.
  • A customizable relative number of days (x Year x Month x Week x Day) will be more useful than the current day only.
  • The date tile can’t be updated with IFTTT.

Especially on the number of days. Seems like the use case they have when designing is for counting down to certain day, so the number of days are more important. In my use case, I use it more to count numbers since a certain day so it’s a lot more useful if I can see the repetition of that date, be it a birthday, anniversary or the monthly bills.


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