Crowd curation service

One of the difficult thing after taking picture is to organize the pictures, group them and separate the junks from the decent.

So is there a crowd curation service that will let many streamers rate and group your photo? You can then choose which one you feel is the best.

The use case:

First, user upload their pictures, all the pictures they want. These pictures will be automatically published in batch based on user selectable timeframe (per week, per month) or a custom set (per project). This is to help keeping track on pictures that are already organized before.

Picture owner can also set the deadline and number of maximum and minimum photo inside the curation.

Main feature of the review sets are speed because hundreds of pictures will need to be reviewed.

Other users will then be able to rate, set tag, stack, or group them into stub sets. The decision by each curator is invisible to other users to keep independence. Name of the set owners can also be made invisible if the user wants to.

Picture owner can then review the reading spread and the most common organizations. When decided, the curation chosen will be used.

Curators who won the task will get points and is possible that they set price for peoples to request their service when their ability is acknowledged.

The user profile won’t have pictures of the photo they uploaded, but it will show their custom sets (except for private galleries) to present their taste.


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