Drawing book

Remember that saying about how keep writing/drawing to get better ? I didn’t fare so well with writing because basically I use simpler words and thus sounds boring. Yes, even with much less vocabulary than a typical writer, I tend to use even less of the words I’ve already known.

Luckily the drawing side is a bit better. Although I still don’t feel like showing them to anyone, I think my drawing has got better, albeit still monotone and too lazy to pay attention to the details.

My “recent” jump into drawing again starts around middle of last year, after I got my iPad mini and bought a stylus (at that time, Pencil by 53). I’ll keep the stylus review for later (tried four already) or the drawing apps review.

Drawing, using other illustrators’ works as reference, and fixed the techniques I use. Yep, they got better than long time ago.

Recently I want to try drawing on paper again. Well, the main reason would be because this small pocket ring note I have for years still have half of the pages left and I want to use it up so I can start with a new book.

I rarely take notes. Meeting ? Well, the topic are generally boring stuff that are repeated every time, so I don’t think it’s worth to be noted down.

Which brings me to two pair of choices.

First is notes. I wonder if I should use Evernote or OneNote. Personally I’d rather have OneNote because I already have Office 365 subscription and it also do handwriting recognition through OCR.
Meanwhile, Evernote has the advantage of an apps that load much faster, and got dumped with data from all directions from its vast developer ecosystem.

The second one is to get a bigger notebook for drawing. I think I’ll try the priced-for-hipster’s notebook, Moleskine, especially the scan optimized books. The question would be which.

There’s the much easily available Evernote edition. But the reviews says that the book itself are not that different from the normal and that the three month premium are the best thing of the package. I’m still not ready to take a plunge to Evernote Premium yet.

The second one would the the Adobe Creative Cloud linked. I hope this one do better in converting the pictures, but I’m still very worried if it would be up to my expectation even after I lowered it. Both are quite thick so they would last for a while. I never finished my old sketching books at all.

Well, I’ll wait until the end of this week and my paycheck to arrive before making the decision.

Oh yes, and I keep finding myself trying to zoom in on the paper notebook. Oh the luxury of digital.


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