Recently I’ve been looking at journaling again. Paper book journaling for keeping note of random things. I hasn’t been successful on doing it all though.

The main problem is the difficulties about putting what where. For random thoughts, Twitter should be a great place. It offer sharing as well as timestamping. But I found myself too lazy to pull out my phone and with the instantaneous nature of social media, it’s not always that relevant to post about something that already passed.

Blog always hit on me as the media where you’re writing newspaper column. It requires long thoughtful trail of words to be actually worth it.

First meeting

Anyway, enough with that. My first paper journal is the CamiNote A7 ring notes. Found this little thing in Kinokuniya and instantly got interested in the concept. It has an app that can be used to scan and the note page and automatically do cropping as well as contrast fix. The proprietary markings also can be used to automatically categorize the scan and do instant actions such as uploading the result as JPG or PDF to OneDrive or Evernote.

Unfortunately the app left much to be desired. It depend a lot on perfect lighting or else there will be a glaring shadow casted on the result. The app is also very barebone just like many others. It only take picture of the page, but can’t do much analyzing. For this apps like Carbo would have been a better choice. Alas the cost is quite prohibitive for me.

Now despite saying meeting, the note didn’t get used much in meeting. In fact the meeting in my job are usually just the repetitive work faster work more mantra that there’s nothing worth to remember. So I ends up not writing much.


My search for notebook starts again recently because my little note has finally been running out (mainly from me sketching on it).

I start looking around and ordered the Moleskine Adobe Creative edition, just because I bought an Adobe Ink and want to jump into the ecosystem with Adobe Sketch and this is just the natural trail of it (or not).

But that’s for drawing. There need to be smaller book for note taking. So I decided to get another CamiNote book, they are familiar, and relatively inexpensive. But for the A6 size, local bookstores in Indonesia only stock the 6mm ruled version and not the 5mm grid. The Systemic cover are also quite expensive especially the newer model that can keep ring notes that I like because they are much easier to scan.

Now maybe this is just because I am putting more attention to it. But recently there has been more journal notebooks in the stationary section. There’s the usual hipster brand Moleskine, then there’s the Chinese made Front brand that cost only a fraction of it and uses 100 gsm paper.

From the digital-convertible notebook side, there is the O2O Journal brand I highly suspected as local Indonesian brand because the apps is only available in Indonesian AppStore and most relevant search result is for campaign in Indonesia. This book have proprietary marking to not just categorize the book into 19 folders and to put datestamp.

There’s one other that has NFC feature to activate Android apps, but I don’t remember the name.

Are the trend emerging over here for journaling ? But I think it would stay in a niche for now.

The digital side

I won’t be leaving the digital side though.Extra ideas that came up later when I have time will still be recorded digitally and I would be keeping the scans online too.

There are two camps I’m really pulled inbetween. OneNote and Evernote.

I use OneNote. I have Office 365 subscription and liking the ecosystem.I’ve also been keeping researches (mostly shopping review) web clips in OneNote.

But OneNote lacks the tag database system that would be much easier and provide cleaner search result compared to the full text search approach of OneNote.

But for reason of Microsoft being Microsoft, there has been no tagging support. I’ll wait until the end of this semester, but if there are no sign of improvement, I think I will switch my notekeeping to Evernote instead and buy the premium subscription.


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