Systemic Notes

The Kokuyo Systemic note cover is a fun and useful product if you carry more than one notebook. In the sales pitch, they touted this as a way so you can separate two different needs, like Business/Personal, Planner/Journal, Notes/Sketch, etc. All in A7, A6, B6, A5, B5, A4 notes size.

In addition, the notebook also provide two bookmark ribbons, pocket on the outside, and enough space to slip in paper notes inside.

They have two version. The older version is slimmer. I choose this one at first for the cheaper price, but eventually choose the later version. The smallest version (A7) also came with reporter style model.


The later version is designed to accommodate Kokuyo’s twin-ring notebook. The twin-ring is thicker so it wouldn’t fit into the original version. New version doesn’t just have wider binding, it is also wider to allow the ring binding to hang. So this is a consideration if you want to keep it smaller.

The Ring Note version is three page wide, in accordion setup. And by the virtue of ring binding, you can use it like that picture above. The maker say this is for two notes, but actually you can put third notebook. In my case I put a thin Campus Planner in the middle section that is actually for slipping document notes.

Oh, and the ring note version also have thicker and stronger elastic strap.

My carry are:

  • Kokuyo CamiApp notebook A6. But since I don’t use the CamiApp a lot, I think I will switch to normal notebook after I burned through this one.
  • Kokuyo Buncobon plain A6. This is my pocket sketchbook for rough sketches. The paper is not too thick so I can only use one page on each sheet. Planned on changing to a Moleskine pocket later since this one is almost all consumed. The Moleskine is smaller though.
  • Campus monthly planner. The bullet journal method I tried doesn’t work so well for my style.
  • Pure Malt 5-in-1 pen. Slipped tightly into the elastic pen loop. But clearly it is made for smaller pen.
  • Post-It note inside the back cover pocket.

I haven’t tried the Moleskine in practical use yet since I’m still waiting for the sketchbook to run out. Will update with pictures later :)


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