Trying bullet journal

When starting journal again, I soon gets reminiscent of my previous diary experience, which is not really fun.

To start with, there’s that feeling that you need to write a lot in detail. This is fueled by the existing image of diary in movies that are more like a Holocron, something that keep thought of the author. Yes, that’s really a big burden.
In the end, the journal ends up more like letter of complaints filled with negativity.

Blogging, in its current form, has evolved from personal journaling into an article writing art form that demand thoughtfulness and creativity. For the Average Joe, the experience they have with their mediocre skill has became much less rewarding engagement. Why do you think they flocked to social media ? Even there the creatives are pushing them away to the dark side, stealing away little bit of light they have.

Bullet Journal seems to be a nice form. It’s touted as a simpler form, and the to-do list format is geared at productivity.

But even this newly trending journal in paper book is also taken by the creatives. If you see online, inspirations from Instagram, the Bullet Journal note, or myMoleskine all showcase highly decorated journals that looks like design student’s typography assignment.

Again, if you have the almighty “Winner Mentality” then fine. But an average person will see that this is the standard, that this is how it should be done, and saw how boring his journal are.

Yes, boring. The journaling experience became boring because rather than focusing on their own, they instead are thrown into feeling of inferiority against the Creative who form the “average score”.

“Winner” will feel challenged and up their game, but those so-called “Loser”, who probably just want a place to channel their personal thought, will feel they don’t belong and give it up altogether, even though it’s not those decorative journals they want to make. Remember the Sturgeon’s Law, the population below will always be larger and they are being robbed away of a place they want to be in.

Really, if just the major channels would also showcase more of the “normal people”. They are kind of raising the price of entrance, which is in a way a good way since it show it’s the cool people’s club.

In my case… I need to adapt it to my own need. The adaptation I have made so far since starting it is:

  • Not focusing too much on the productivity. I’m not so interested in getting constant reminder of things to do. I am not the over-achiever who feel the need to achieve three or more things everyday, who need to set plan ready until the day they gloriously join the feast of victors in the Winner in Life’s version of Valhalla.
    I want to enjoy a more idle life at least in my personal journal. So the calendar and task list go somewhere else (I have a Campus Monthly Planner for that need).
  • Not being bound to the short and concise list. Bullet Journal seems to write things shortly and elaborate in other page, which is not really what I want. Writing in other page will be a waste of paper if I don’t use up the entire page.

On the second point… my idea of daily journal is more like the original idea of Micro Blogging. I want to write short to medium length ideas that are loosely connected, or disconnected. So each bullet point is filled with the whole idea, but the next bullet could be totally about something else.

This is unlike blog or diary where there’s a feeling that you need to fill the page with one coherent thought. The idea is much more chaotic, random blobs of texts that are grouped by date.

Well, in the end I still use three (or four) books instead of putting all into one. There’s the journal, the planner, and a sketchbook for drawing practice on the move.


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