Unused Pages

Yesterday my EDiT Planner 2017 arrived. The planner starts from January, so there’s still two months left before the first daily entry.

Meanwhile, I just found out that the A5 Hobonichi Cousin also have extra pages, and Weekly planner!

Well, my main reason of choosing the EDiT is actually the monthly header page. It gives enough page to write monthly plan and summary such as expense, and five rows for recording important thing of each weeks. It’s also more structured than the one in Hobonichi, but not as overkill as Jibun Techou.

For now, I’m using a Campus Diary for the weekly vertical planner. But it would be nice if EDiT adds weekly vertical too in 2018 edition. Having them all in one book is really practical.

Meanwhile, I really don’t need the international dialing code page (yes Moleskine, I’m looking at you too). Neither does the train map of various cities. But hey, at least it’s less eye candy information pages such as unit conversion (can just use apps), shoe/suit size, or travel map for the jet-set who take plane two times a week. (yes Moleskine, I’m looking at you).

Also there’s less information that will become waste of space for me. Upon checking, I found out that outside the weekly vertical planner, I would use only less than half of the templates prepared by Jibun Techou.

I guess this is also problem with planner aimed on Productivity rather than simply recording, there’s too much importance put on “self improvement” rather than who you are right now. This is why many planners in Kickstarter are not appealing to me. They’re about that self improvement thing.


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