Everyday Tote, first impression

Finally my Kickstarter bags arrived in my hand. This won’t be a long use review, but here’s my first impression.


The first is the Peak Design’s Everyday Tote. I’ve posted my contempt against the campaign in earlier post.


I love the material. It feels thinner and stiff, but the texture feels like fabric, and that’s the kind of bag I like. It’s not one of those overpriced because-leather-is-premium bag, or the plastic ballistic nylon bags. There’s a more fashionable feel to it.

Unfortunately, the trimming of the leather parts for mine are not the best.


The bag opens up wide on top and provide quick access to the items inside. The pockets are elevated enough that I don’t have to dig too deep to take stuffs inside them, which is really practical.

The side opening provide quick access to the camera, and although positioned quite low, is still manageable.

The FlexFold divider in mine still need adjustment, but the foam seems to be not sturdy enough to hold two rangefinder lenses (metal and glass construction) so the bowl setup droops down. I don’t dare imagine the risk of dropping glass down if I put it in the shelf position.


The bag is big, but I found is not big enough to fit all my carry without becoming too bulky. Here are the contents

  • Two unit of mirrorless camera (each in the camera compartment) with three lenses inside the two divider “bowl”.
  • A5 daily planner inside the laptop pocket.
  • iPad mini in the tablet pocket.
  • Replacement battery, SD card, charger and cable in the smaller inside pockets.
  • Portable battery in the medium inside pocket.
  • Pencil case.
  • 1/12 dolls in two glasses cases. Hand and face parts in pill case.
  • Travel card and key in the outer pocket.
  • Smaller daily planner if the pocket of my jacket that day is too small.
  • Wallet.

Yes, the bag gets bulky with all those inside. But to be fair, probably it’s not to carry that much stuffs either. So, I guess I can juggle stuffs a bit, and if I use the bowls for the dolls, there will be more space inside.

Carry option

The main point of this bag for me is the three-in-one carrying option which is useful in different kind of situation.

With the right strap length in backpack carry, I can have the bag’s weight shifted mostly to the curve of my back spine. But because the bag is shorter than my back, I can feel the weight tugging me backward. But this is still lighter than using the bag with full capacity on one shoulder.
The downside is that putting it up again is an effort on its own.

Then in the tote carry, the problem I face is that the center line of the bag (seen from the front) is outside my shoulder, so the bag tilts rather than hanging vertically and the strap wants to slide out of my shoulder. I think I’ll have to experiment with more optimal strap length.

The messenger carry is fortunately much better without any apparent issue.


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