Camera bags

In the end, I’m clearly going over budget this semester. Pushed the button to pre-order  Everyday Tote.


Personally, I’m hoping for a last minute alternative. The design is good enough, and because they produce it in an Asian country rather than “Make USA Great Again” domestic pride, the price is relatively low.

But the comment section is making me uncomfortable. I’ve saw review that mentioned the fanboyism around the brand, and now I witnessed it. I personally prefer a degree of separation between maker (and politician) and the constituents. The atmosphere there is that the brand is too much of a “that cool dude who’s friend of mine”.

Just like in the local politic, I think this made it difficult to have strong criticism. The persona will be behind wall of fans ready to defend them and saying what they do is right, whatever it is as long as it’s not too obvious (such as killing someone with their own hands).

The community manager is even more a “Friend” role to the community. After the disclosure, there’s even less separation between personal and work. In the end, critics will always get smitten by the community, and even ends up being ridiculed.

Again, like in local politic, I don’t believe this is a healthy environment. Only the most determined to stand against the majority would be able to stand up and voiced their concern. The rest will be reluctant from seeing treatment others before them has received.

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