Galaxy Note 3

Recently, my brother gave me his Samsung Galaxy Notes 3. He got it from his client while he already have an iPhone and a BlackBerry. Another smartphone prooves to be too much to handle so the choice is either give it to someone or sell it away.

I think I’ll try it for a month. But after that I’ve planned on returning it to him because I intend of getting a BlackBerry Z3. Hopefully the price would be better at the time, although I’m not putting my hopes high for another discount.

So, how is my impression of the device ? Since I’m never a Google fans, I’d have to say there’s not much. I can summarize my concerns into two main points:

  • Stylus support. I can input text with writing, and more importantly, I can train my memories about Japanese characters because my ability to write kanji is terrible.
  • Apps support. Developers are still not pouring the best of their efforts to Windows Phone. I use VSCO and Flipboard routinely. I also like the Hatena applications (although the blog apps is only available in iOS). The apps are usually with more features and updated more often.

The rest are not that fascinating actually. The only other application I used routinely is Flipboard.

Yes, not much in the line of functions. The battery also drains really fast.

Physical size is big and the location of back button to the right is confusing because I also use Windows Phone where the back button is to the left. Memory card slot is hidden behind the back cover so I can’t easily slip my camera’s memory card either.

Well, for a one month companion.