Windows 7 FRP or OEM

Windows 7 price (Indonesia)
Edition Retail OEM Diff
Starter n/a 59 n/a
Home Basic 133 96 36
Home Premium 157 119 38
Professional 256 157 99
Ultimate 270 202 68

The price of Windows 7 and the OEM version is out in some online retailer in Indonesia. The official launch partner seems to be, who I usually use as reference site when shopping. Reference as in “if it’s more expensive that this you’re ripped off by the store” a.k.a upper limit. :D

Following on the right is the comparison between the price of full retail package and OEM version in the store before discount (although, in some Indonesian electronic store, discounted price is after marking up the base price so the discounted price is about the same as market price).

Windows Vista pricing (Indonesia)
Edition Retail OEM Diff
Starter n/a 48 n/a
Home Basic 118 95 23
Home Premium 158 117 41
Business 330 144 186
Ultimate 345 194 151

In comparison, here’s the price of Windows Vista (still sold) in the same online store. All four datum as per this morning (2009-10-25).

Seems like Microsoft set the price difference to be smaller between the FRP and OEM for now. Although not as pretty as in Vista, the deal of OEM price for Business/Professional is still the best among the list.

Windows 7 pricing (Newegg)
Edition Retail OEM Diff
Starter n/a n/a n/a
Home Basic n/a n/a n/a
Home Premium 199 109 90
Professional 299 149 150
Ultimate 319 189 130

For more comparison, here’s the price in Newegg (USA). More expensive retail price tag and greater gap in the OEM price. Because the US is not categorized as emerging market, no Starter or Home Basic edition.

Why should we buy retail when there’s cheaper OEM package? Well, officially, OEM edition are for system builders (I assume, smaller computer builders who can hit multi-million dollars deal with Microsoft for high volume licensing like the top 8 makers). Technically:

  • You can’t upgrade your motherboard or processor. No problem if you don’t plan to or can’t afford to in Windows 7’s lifetime, and no shit happened to either of the components).
  • No upgrade install, because this is for new PC (but old time Windows wisdom always recommend doing back up and clean install always).
  • No support from Microsoft (good enough for those scourging online resources for solution instead of calling Microsoft). Actually if you get custom built Windows PC from computer store, I think the support should be covered in the store’s warranty, so bring it to them to handle the trouble shooting.

The above price is from the official partner. But there’s some store that cut their profit by selling lower than the SRP. I’ve seen another store selling the retail for [105-121-195-210], a nice USD 28–61 cheaper. But the difference with their OEM price is smaller single digit number most of the time.

Should be cheaper though. The price for Ultimate is somewhere above the average monthly salary for a fresh graduate with not special qualification.


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